Man at Canyon OverviewMan at Canyon Overview

You know that feeling of being stuck in a fake world? Like everything is pre-planned, set out like a maze for white mice? Well, I was feeling that. Even the hikes I was going on felt more like I was viewing scenic paintings in a museum than immersing myself in nature. Last Saturday my sister and I planned a group hike, but in the end only she and I could come. We’d been planning to go up and over Y mountain. But the moment we got in the car my sister asked me “can we do a shorter hike?” and I asked her “can we go somewhere no one’s gone before?” My family has a tradition of making our own trails, which probably comes from growing up 50 feet from the base of a mountain in the red rock country of St George, Utah. My sister nodded and we started off toward Provo canyon.

We drove past Bridal Veil Falls (a gorgeous hike, by the way) and eventually got over to the trail side of the river and scrambled up the first rock slide we could find. That wasn’t the fun part- it was steep, plain, and all loose rocks piled on top of each other. But after coming to the top of a ridge by way of climbing a tree, we came to a small cliff jutting out from the face of the mountain. From that outcropping halfway up the mountain, the canyon stretched out in every direction that I could look.

Small stream waterfallSmall stream waterfall

But the walk down was the best part. My sister insisted we follow what she said was the sound of water, even though there wasn’t a single tributary to the Provo river anywhere near us. So we were both surprised when after ducking through crowded pine trees, we came across a miniature waterfall, complete with thick moss, scattered sunlight and multi colored fall trees surrounding us.

Life seems to cake layers of boredom on us everyday that we spend going through the motions. College life does it at least twice as fast. Even the great view of the canyon didn’t wash those layers away. Something about coming into that clearing felt like being born again. I love the desert, but I’m finally confessing that lakes and streams, rain and oceans are Gods finishing touch to the beautiful world He made. If you’re wondering, I’m certain the water was clean enough to drink it, but I didn’t… Next time!

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