lower sand cove from nearby hillslower sand cove from nearby hills

I love the motto for this blog, Adventure is life. Every day of our life can be an adventure as we have fun exploring the beautiful world around us, but also finding adventure in our daily lives.

Adventure isn’t just about hikes or how to get somewhere, adventure is something that makes memories and something that can always cause us to smile.

When I think of adventure I usually think about hard hikes or something scary I had to overcome but by so doing I learned to love it, but that is not always the case of what an adventure is.

One of the adventures that comes to my mind is more about the memories I gained in that certain place. That place is Lower Sand Cove which is located up by Gunlock, UT. It is usually pretty quiet which gives you time to relax and enjoy being In nature. Growing up my family would take many trips up to the little lake to have a BBQ and spend time as a family. While there we would take our canoes or kayaks and spend time out on the water. But what makes this place an even better adventure is that there is a river that run down from upper sand cove down to lower sand cove which is full of crawdads.

Lower Sand Cove.jpgLower Sand Cove.jpg

I have very fond memories of taking friends and family there and running down the river to catch crawdads and try to see who was brave enough to hold them. As my siblings and I have grown older we have spent times up there just talking, hanging out with friends and having volleyball games. It is a great place to just relax and have fun. As I reflect on the adventures and times I have spent there I cannot help but smile. One day when I went to Lower Sand Cove with my two best friends we were coming back, and my best friend pulled over and taught me to drive his stick shift truck on that dirt back road.

It was an adventure for sure as I was not very good at it but his patience and jokes made it turn into a fun experience. An adventure isn’t just about the places you go but it is about the friends and memories you make. The memories I have at Lower Sand Cove is what makes it a beautiful place to me. The memories make the adventure.

A special thanks to Cassie for writing this!

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