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Adventure is the motivating force of discovery. It’s the thrill of opening new doors, entering the unknown, and casting brilliant light onto whatever lies beyond. For as long as I can remember, this has been a great motivator to me. It has driven me to seek voids of knowledge and experience in any form, and to discover the hidden treasures that lie in their paths.

What it means to discover:

Since I was barely old enough to crawl, I have been fascinated by functionality, or rather, what makes things tick. Various times have my parents recounted to me my obsession with my dad’s toolbox. I would always manage to find it, no matter where he hid it, and proceed to empty it of its contents, taking time to play with each tool as I went. Since then, I have always enjoyed pulling things apart, either in an attempt to fix them or just to see how they work. This is the essence of discovery. Moreover, what would discovery be without the journey that leads to it? That is the beautiful adventure that is this life. I can be my own Marco Polo, my own Lewis and Clark, or my own Indiana Jones, as I journey on through this life. It doesn’t matter who has found it before or how many people have done it too. I can that make my own discoveries because they are novel to me as person and as an individual. And I can experience the thrill of discovery as I cherish the new and beautiful things that I find there.

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