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One of the most exciting parts about adventuring outdoors is seeing all of the raw, untouched scenery, and appreciating the natural beauty of the earth.

It looks amazing. But why?

Beauty is genuine, and the world is full of many genuine things. But one quality unique to the natural earth is that it was not made by humans. This implies that people cannot recreate the natural beauty of the earth. No amount of human manipulation, influence, or thought can ever be more than artificial when it comes to natural beauty. Perhaps this intriguing attribute is what draws us to find natural beauty in the first place.


Many people flock to see things like cliffs and waterfalls. Yet how many wonder why these things are so appealing to the eye? If these same places were artificial, it is doubtful that many people would still be drawn to them, if at all.

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Natural beauty comes in many forms. From towering cliffs to sandy shores, or lush green forests to sparse desert flowers. All are unique in color, shape, and size; yet all are equally inviting and magnificent. When viewing any natural beauty and soaking it all in, one might consider asking themselves why it is beautiful to them, and how that beauty is different from anything else.

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