“For those who are looking for the thrill of danger, want to look cool and are down for an epic adventure, you might be interested in Tricking.”

I myself have never heard of Tricking, but with a little research and help from Keith Grover’s submission to us, I have quickly become a fan of this awesome sport. Keith goes on to say “To those who really haven’t heard the name, Tricking is a sport where one does a series of various flips, using momentum from one flip to fuel the next.” A website for Tricking defines it as: “…a high level sport that combines acrobatic skills with martial techniques in order to create an aesthetically pleasing movement” (howtomastertricking.com). And take it from me, it is pretty wild. I don’t think any amount of words could ever really do this sport justice, so I’ve placed a video on this page so you can see what this really is. I’m sure by the end of the video you may share the same thoughts as Keith’s last line: “If anyone is looking for a way to boost up how cool they can be, look up tricking. You would make Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Matt Damon, and Peter Vidmar proud.”

tricking eventtricking event

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