Being outdoors is relaxing. Nature is its own calming environment. Getting up and going out may not seem relaxing, especially with the thought of being exposed to dirt, water, bugs, and the elements of the weather, but this is not necessarily relaxation of the body.

While it is certainly possible to relax the body while spending time outdoors, being outside is also a great time to relax the mind.

DSCN1026 (2).JPGDSCN1026 (2).JPG

When outdoors, we have little to immediately worry about except the calming beauty that surrounds us. The sounds we hear in nature, or even the lack of sound altogether, is soothing, as opposed to the noises we hear at home, work, or school, etc. Instead of gloomy buildings and florescent lights, we please our eyes with beautiful landscapes and natural formations.

Being outdoors is an experience that cannot be imitated or replicated. Its not found in a book, a movie, or a game. The experience of being outdoors is not something that can be purchased or traded. One must simply be there in order to receive it.

Earth is a pretty big place with a lot to show. Don’t forget to appreciate the opportunities to relax that come with spending time outdoors.

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