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Fear. We all have it. We have all felt it. Heights, blood, sharks or even clowns, whatever the cause may be, fear is real. Often times it keeps us safe, it protects us from potentially harmful situations. But as with any emotion, it can manifest more negative effects when it controls us. When it comes to fear there is a fine line that must be walked between staying safe and getting out of the comfort zone. Living in fear is like blatantly allowing a sack to be put over your head and leaving it there indefinitely. It is only when fear is challenged that we venture into unknown territory and discover new things, both good and bad.


There is a time for fear and a time for courage, but it is not until we take our first step into the dark that we begin to accurately discern the appropriate time for each. I recently had a good discussion with a new friend of mine wherein we talked about our fears. It caused me to reflect on my own life, the fears I’ve had, and the fears I still hold. One of these fears I have worked hard to both overcome and respect. Acrophobia, the fear of heights.

edge of cliffedge of cliff

For as long as I can remember, high places have absolutely shaken me to the core. Yet, as I have grown up I have challenged that fear. Little by little, I discovered that there are great benefits to pushing my fear and fighting it back. Perhaps the greatest help I have had in this pursuit is the splendid and awe-inspiring views that come from getting into a high place.

I still respect and acknowledge my fear, and that keeps me out of danger, but I don’t let it control me in an irrational way. Without it, I am sure I could have died long ago. With this fear, I have found the fine line of fear and courage, and I walk it. After all is said and done, going to great heights invigorates me. The fact that I have pushed my fear back proves to myself that I can fight. I strongly suggest that anyone reading this should identify one of their fears and push it back, it may be difficult, but you won’t regret it.

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