The Mysteries of the Bison Unveiled!

There are a ton of animals in the world, but one of the most majestic, overlooked, and amazing creatures our planet has to offer is the American Buffalo. Also known as a Bison, this creature is truly wild. But how much about Buffalo do you know? Here are some interesting facts that you likely never knew:

Don’t Underestimate Their Size:

These animals can weigh more than a car and stand up to 6 feet tall! But don’t let their size fool you, they can actually be quite fast. Buffalo are known to run up to 35 miles per hour and can even hop fences. These are definitely animals you wouldn’t want to pick a fight with. Don’t believe they can jump? Check out the video, this guy in particular loves jumping so much he does it on a trampoline!

Bison Eat Meat:

Haha, just kidding, they don’t eat meat. Bison actually enjoy a nice healthy diet of plants. But what you may not have known is the fact that what they leave behind (their poop), when dried out, is great for starting fires! That’s right, the next time you find yourself a buffalo cow pie, don’t just leave it there! That could mean survival!

Bison are Dirty:

I know, I know, It’s a wild animal, of course it is dirty, that’s how wild animals do. But Bison are a step further from other animals. They love to participate in an act called “Wallowing” where they will lie down on the ground and shake about violently in order to cover themselves in dirt. Think that sounds dumb? Well maybe the bison think you are dumb, see, the bison do it do protect themselves from annoying insects. Maybe next time there is a fly in the house, you can try thrashing about in some dirt! Oh, and for older bison, the wallowing is a way to leave their sent behind for all them lovely females. (not proven to work with human females) The video on the left is of a wallowing bison:

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