Our bodies are capable of many incredible things. Sometimes we may forget just how awesome they are. The human body is uncannily resilient, versatile, and strong in almost every aspect.

woman in junglewoman in jungle

The human body is incredible not only because of its physical capabilities, but because of our high-powered brains that govern those physical powers. We can think, we can remember, and we can learn. We can employ our brains to use judgement, logic, problem-solving, and analysis. That alone is awesome, but our brains are linked to these high performance powerhouses that are our bodies.

The human body is the ultimate all-terrain vehicle. It can climb, run, jump, and swim. It can cruise through and over dirt, sand, mud, rocks, rivers, snow, ice, plants, mountains, lakes, whether in the sun, or the rain, the heat or the cold. And that is just to name a few of the things it is capable of doing. It can survive in many extreme climates and under many extreme conditions.

hiker on top of a mountainhiker on top of a mountain

With our brains and our bodies combined, we are unstoppable. We can build, create, and repair. We can make use of our surrounding resources in order to meet our needs. That includes creating shelters, crafting items and tools, and fashioning remedies for our illnesses and ailments.

Considering all of these great abilities of the human body, it is not hard to see how our race has managed to stretch across all terrains and climates around the globe. Take care of your body, and it will take care of you. Adventure on and keep pushing yourself.

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