I know that some people hate (or in some cases, extremely hate to the point of cursing profanities into the sky) winter time and the snow. Some of that might be the temperature, some of it might be because you love to see color rather than monochrome. Here is a list of things that I personally have on my bucket list that deals with winter, snow and going on adventures. Enjoy.

dog sled from driver viewdog sled from driver view

1. Dog Sledding
First off, if you haven’t ever thought of dog sledding, think of it! Yes, you may be freezing cold, but who can say that they have had a sled pulled by 12 dogs on a non-holiday. Plus, to keep warm every night, you can cuddle with them. Wouldn’t that fact alone make anyone jealous? The best part about dog sledding is you can take it out for a day, a couple of days, or even across a nation. I don’t know if I would survive that last one though.

Igloo drawn on a rockIgloo drawn on a rock

2. Making an igloo
Most of us have seen and heard the myth of the igloo. The real question that we all need to ask ourselves is: What does it really look like on the inside? If you sincerely do not know, then it is time to build an igloo to find out. I mean, nomadic tribes lived in those things, which obviously means that they are meant to house people, albeit those people are probably much tougher than you, but we can pretend for a day. You might even try digging a hole in the snow and making a shelter there if your igloo plans fail. From those who have done winter camping, everyone says that those snow holes (or whatever you call them) are really warm. Warm enough to even take off your clothes due to sweating. Take that cold weather.

hotel made of icehotel made of ice

3. Ice Hotels
There is a place in Greenland and I think in Sweden (I’d guess most of the Norwegian countries) that you can actually rent a room in an Ice Hotel. You read that correctly. A hotel completely made of ice. The best part is, that your ice bed comes complete with what looks like a complete animal skin to lay your tired body on. Um…. awesome much? That in itself if a bragging right to all of your adventuring friends. Plus, aside from everything being ice, It actually should be, by law, warm inside.

Ice SculptureIce Sculpture

4. Ice sculptures
Name me 20 types of art that requires a chainsaw. (if you can name 20, tell me 10 more). Nothing would express your feelings to someone more than making them something out of ice. Even if it is badly done. The fact that you felt like you were creating something is a step to finding your inner being. Congrats friend!

ice fishing hut on frozen lakeice fishing hut on frozen lake

5. Ice Fishing
To those who enjoy the idea of catching fish while standing on top of water, this adventure idea is for you. How many of you have been jealous while passing a frozen lake at all those who are camping out. I mean, Ice fishing is probably one of the most dangerous hunting sports in the world. Why? well, for one, it isn’t the fish being grumpy that their hibernation was interrupted, it is the fact that people will fall in the ice water while camping that night. Also, who feels comfortable drilling into the water you are standing on. Isn’t that against moral code everywhere? That is pretty much equivalent to playing chicken against a rattlesnake (shoutout to those who do that)

city in finlandcity in finland

6. Live amongst the Laplanders
Everyone knows that Santa lives in Finland. Or at least he has a summer home there. One goal that all of us should have though is to live with the Laplanders in Norway, Finland and that area. Why? well, the simple answer is to learn how to farm and round up reindeer. Merry Holidays everyone!

The Northern LightsThe Northern Lights

7. Check out them Northern lights
To those who live in warmer areas, you are missing out on natural beauty. If you have never seen the Northern lights, put it on you bucket list right now. Light pollution is destroying a lot of star gazing in general, but for reals, check out pictures, lust after seeing the northern lights.


8. Party all day in the dark
As most of you know, the earth doesn’t lie flat. As most of you also know, the days are shorter in the winter months. Well, if you go up north far enough (Cough, cough Finland) They actually have a day where the sun doesn’t shine at all. The best part is, and this is coming from a Finnish friend of mine, That day, people party all day and they don’t even know when night time falls. Super crazy cool.

Storm Trooper TeachingStorm Trooper Teaching

9. Your own Star Wars day.
Most notable episode: when Luke kills that one animal to stay inside of it for warmth. Don’t kill animals, but also find a way to survive, even if you have to kill an animal. Double negative. Don’t let your conscience get in the way of surviving. I guess that meant that you need to strand yourself in the middle of a frozen tundra…. oh well. Your tougher for it anyways.

man on snowmobileman on snowmobile

10. Snowmobiling
Even better and probably safer than a motorcycle is the snowmobile. Honestly, it is really cool to drive these things. This is coming from experience. Plus, you can cook hot dogs on the engine while you are out on your adventure. Bonus points.
And lastly, the best part of all of these adventures is getting inside and cuddling up close to a fire while drinking hot cocoa while watching a movie. But first, you have to have the adventure…. so… do it.


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