Neil Armstrong will forever be known as the first human to walk on the moon. In his famous words, it was “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”


How incredible is this? The first human to successfully leave earth, land on another celestial body, and then return. He even had time to walk around, collect rock samples, take pictures, and record video for live TV. He and Buzz Aldrin were out and about for a couple of hours. While they were there, they received a congratulating call from the U.S. President, who called it the most historic phone call in history. Can you imagine calling someone who is on the moon?

Neil Armstrong, through the help of teams of people on earth, made history that day. He is numbered among the very few people who can claim to have walked on the moon. To paraphrase comedian Brian Regan, he can beat anyone’s story by simply saying “I walked on the moon.” It is such an amazing feat, and there are so few people who have also been able to do it, that it is the story to beat all stories.


Neil Armstrong was a top-level adventurer. The risks he took to be the first moon-walker are breathtaking. He was aware of all the systems that could have malfunctioned, all the calculations that could have been mistaken, and all the uncertainty surrounding the conditions of outer space. He knew what he was doing. He truly experienced space, the final frontier, and went were no man had gone before!

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Here is a little desktop space game to play in the spirit of space exploration. Comment your score below. Enjoy!


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