No Excuses

Kyle Maynard is no stranger to what some may consider an easy life. He was born with congenital amputation, meaning that his limbs did not develop properly. A disability such as this is saddening and reason for pity. But from what Kyle’s accomplishments can attest, he is not interested in pity. Since he was young he has pushed his limits. In school he competed in Football and Wrestling, and later he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro! His attitude is summed up by the name of the gym he founded: “No Excuses”.


Kyle Maynard was placed on this earth with what most would consider a disability, but he didn’t let it stop him. Even with no arms or legs, he has climbed a mountain that few people have ever even dreamed of getting to the top of. We all have weaknesses, but don’t let that get you down, get out there this weekend and try to do just one thing you normally wouldn’t have done. Feel free to let everyone know how you did down in the comments!

Time for adventure

I hope everyone is as excited for the weekend as I am. It is the time of the week that many of us get to finally go out on adventures. It is a time that we can take a break from our day to day schedules and get out of our comfort zones. We can go do something exciting and challenging. Kyle Maynard is an inspiring mountaineer. The guy is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Surely you can go find the motive to go out on some small adventure this weekend. Let this guy be an inspiration to you, get out there and do something great!

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