It’s Not Just Any Rock

When I was younger, I would play outside in the dirt. Sometimes I would uncover a rock or two, which wasn’t uncommon. However, I often wondered to myself what the chances were that I was the first person to ever see that rock. I would think that out of all the people alive and dead, I very well could be the only one to ever see the rock I was seeing, let alone be the first one to appreciate it. While finding one rock out of the many other rocks that rest in the earth may not be that amazing, it made me consider the culmination of events that had led me to find this particular rock there in the dirt.

delicate archdelicate arch

The earth is littered with an enormous number of rocks. However, there are a number of rocks and rock formations that are astonishing to see. It is incredible to think about just how long it took for the forces of nature to sculpt such majesties. A few include wind, rain, ice, rivers, and plants, which all take years and years to make noticeable changes.

Grand canyonGrand canyon

The Strongest Parts Survive

As the famous saying goes: “You cant rush perfection.” Life isn’t meant to be easy, nor are its difficulties meant to cease. Little by little, the hard times we face chip away at us. Just like these rocks, the weaker parts are falling away, leaving behind the strongest elements. We succeed in life by accepting those challenges, and slowly transforming into something beautiful and majestic.

bryce canyonbryce canyon

So don’t be swept away by the little things, or the big things for that matter. Just remember that it will be worth it because you are being sculpted into something wonderful. The weaker parts are being swept away, while the strongest parts of you are remaining to make up the masterpiece that you are becoming.

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