Where is it?

The Cinder Cone is an extinct volcano East of Highway 18 in Southern Utah. It is the last cinder cone in a chain that extends down from to the town of Veyo, and is the only cinder cone inside Snow Canyon State Park. Following its trail to the top provides a view from where much of Snow Canyon can be seen.

cinder cone.jpgcinder cone.jpg

What is a Cinder Cone?

Cinder cones are simple volcanoes that form around single lava vents. As the lava spits out, it slowly builds a mound around the lava vent, forming a cone.

From the trailhead, there are two paths that can be taken. One wraps around the cone and is more gradual, while the other leads straight from the bottom to the top. We first took the path leading straight up. It was mostly gravel-type lava rock that slipped around as we stepped, which made the trail more difficult that just the steep climb. After hiking around the top and taking some pictures and videos, we descended using the other trail, which was much more gradual and was not covered in volcanic gravel. It wraps around the Cinder Cone to meet the first trail we took at the bottom.

Here is our video of the hike! We had some fun with the edit.

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