How Trent Got Into Aviation

Trent Palmer was originally a film maker that wanted to get a license to fly drones for his job. At the time, the FAA in the United States required him to first acquire his private pilot license in order to legally fly the drones he needed to for his job. So, reluctantly, he started flight training with no motivation other than that of keeping his job and flying drones. He admits in his video titled How I got into flying that he used to be afraid of heights and would begin to fear for his life anytime there was turbulence on an airline flight. However, after learning the ropes and becoming “comfortable” with in the airplane, his idea of flying changed. He quickly developed a love for aviation, particularly bush piloting.

What Is Bush Flying?

Bush flying is flying involving landing and taking off in places that are not made for airplanes, like the “bush”. Now, Trent Palmer hosts his own youtube channel and website. He travels in his own plane and films vlogs. He is still pursuing his film making career using drones, and flys as a hobby. Here is one of his videos:

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  1. Trent, I just watched you recent video on your FAA ruling. Your appeal must include the BEST Aviation lawyer that money can buy. This issue is too important for for your lawyer to stand on this alone. Generally speaking most FAA lawyers are newbies and the good ones leave as soon as they get some experience. The ones who are not good enough to make it in the private sector stay. This should have been an easy win for you. Set up a go-fund me for support if you have to.

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