This trail is located outside Kanaraville, Utah. It follows a stream up into beautiful red rock canyons. A good portion of the trail is shaded, which makes it a good choice for a summer hike. Be prepared for some sun though, because about the first mile of trail is relatively shadeless.

DSCN0828 (2).JPGDSCN0828 (2).JPG

While hiking the trail one can watch as the pale white rock and green vegetation give way to towering red sandstone. The trail weaves through the thin riverbed while sunshine creeps down from opposing slot canyons. The trail is only about 3-4 miles long, but it does not disappoint. When we went, we had fun around a small cave that we found. It’s shown in the video below.

Eventually the trail passes an area where the canyon appears to fork. There is campsite there lying under some overhanging cliffs. This place is known as Sweetwater Gulch and is a cool place to camp, as it is surrounded by more of the sandstone cliffs.

DSCN0832 (2).JPGDSCN0832 (2).JPG

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