How are scenery and contrast related?

Have you ever watched water spill over a large waterfall, or gazed at towering cliffs either from above or below? Have you ever sat on an ocean beach and watched the rolling waves, or laid back and waited for the evening sun to set? They are all beautiful things, and each one is its own unique experience. But these are only a few of many examples with similar underlying themes. These all have at least one trait in common, and that is contrast. Waterfalls and cliffs are spectacularly drastic changes in the terrain. An ocean beach marks the boundary between land and sea. A sunset is not only the boundary between day and night, but the time that the earths greatest light source aligns itself with the dark horizon.

zion national parkzion national park


Saying contrast I refer to abrupt differences or changes in shape, direction, color, or light. Take the photo above for example. In Southern Utah it is not uncommon for a hot summer day to be accompanied by a cloudless sky. On these days it is possible in a number of places to view the red rock sit against the deep blue sky.


Matter and energy will follow the path of least resistance. This can make high contrasts somewhat rare in nature because erosion is always working to smooth everything out. However, there are many factors that play their part in nature and every so often they create something irregular. Something unique and exciting enough that people will travel around the world in order to see it.

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