Ain’t no mountain high enough for this guy. His name is Mark Inglis and in 2006 he became the first double-amputee to climb Mt. Everest. Mark Inglis is an accomplished researcher, cyclist, mountaineer, and motivational speaker from New Zealand. His 40 expedition to climb Mt. Everest was documented by The Discovery Channel. Apparently, during his ascent, one of Marks anchors broke causing him to fall and break one of his prosthetic legs. He was able to temporarily repair it with duct tape while a replacement leg was sent up to him. Which, depending on how you look at it, gave him an advantage over someone with legs, because had he broken an actual leg he would not have been able to continue climbing. That being said, he successfully finished the climb and made history as the first person to do so without legs.

Here is a short video about the man himself:

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