Hellhole Canyon is a slot canyon Northeast of Kayenta, Utah. It is a popular spot for viewing waterfalls after strong rainfall. Many photographers that know about Hellhole Canyon have taken pictures capturing these waterfalls. The hike itself is exciting! It follows a wash all the way into the canyon. Once in the canyon, there is a great view of the towering sandstone cliffs that surround the wash. Because of the shadow created by the cliffs, much of the ground is secluded from the sun. Tiny pools of water can be found scattered along the canyon for much of the year. When we went, we were surprised to find a large number of grape vines, which added quite a bit of greenery to that part of the trail. There is no easy access, and a large portion of the hike is spent getting to the canyon, with little to no protection from the sun. If you can hike for at least a couple of hours in the sun if necessary, this is a great place to go and see!

This is a video we made from the hike:

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