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2018 was a great year for us. We made some great memories, explored some awesome places, and met plenty of new people. We are grateful that so many friends were able to accompany us throughout the year on our Adventure Days!

What are Adventure Days?

For those who may not know, Adventure days are any day we are able to get a group together and go on an adventure. They consist of two main things: new places and friends. Sometimes the adventures are short, other times they last hours. We make an effort to find and explore new places, and film our experiences along the way. Consequently, many great and memorable moments have been recorded for us to share and reminisce over. Anyone can have an adventure day, just grab some friends and go explore!

Here we are proud to share this short video covering some of our favorite moments in 2018. If it isn’t obvious, none of this is ever scripted. It is just a bunch of goofy friends having fun. Enjoy!

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