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If you thought it was cool that you got to drive a car when you turned sixteen, you may want to know about a woman named Jessica Watson. She Is a young Australian girl who circumnavigated the earth all by herself in 2010, when she was sixteen years old. There was nothing but her, her boat, and the ocean. As part of the challenge Jessica committed herself to, she would make the trip non-stop and without receiving any external assistance besides advice over the radio, which she accomplished successfully. The trip took 7 months and she covered roughly 23,000 miles of open sea. As outrageous as it sounds, she was far from unqualified. Although Jessica was only sixteen at the time, she held a number of naval certifications and achievements including being a member of ship crews and accumulating about 6,000 total miles at sea. She knew her way around a ship, but her story isn’t any less extraordinary.

This is a video of her return as covered by a news station:

Jessica Watson says:

“I’m not a hero…You don’t have to be someone special or anything special to achieve something amazing.”

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