What is Wat Phu Tok?

Wat Phu Tok is a Buddhist temple constructed on a mountain in Northeastern Thailand. The mountain is called Phu Tok, meaning “lonely mountain”. Although it is only about 1,100 feet tall, Phu Tok towers over the surrounding terrain, which mainly consists of jungle, lakes, and farms. This is likely how it got its name.

20180719_231718 (2).1.jpg20180719_231718 (2).1.jpg

What’s it like?

The sides of the mountain are mostly steep cliffs, and the trail to the top is made up of a series of hanging wooden walkways that wind their way around the mountain. Scattered along the path are statues of monks, and the few caves that are present are occupied by Buddha statues.


The day we went was a little rainy, hence the clouds and fog in the photos. But we could still see out to the horizon, which made for some great views. It truly felt like the heart of Southeast Asia. The path spirals up around the entire mountain and overlaps in a few places. This hike is not for anyone afraid of heights, because parts of the wooden walkway clearly suspend you high above the ground. The hike is certainly worth it if somehow you ever find yourself in Northeastern Thailand. If you do go, be aware that several signs asked for long pants to be worn by everyone as a sign of respect for the Buddhist site.


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