Not too long ago on the timeline of human history, if someone wanted to go spend time outdoors somewhere they had never been, they had two main options for finding places: local maps and word of mouth. Even then, the smaller and lesser known places remained hidden and underappreciated. Outdoor activities from hiking to camping and climbing to swimming were quite limited compared to the growing plethora of information available today.


That plethora of information is, of course, the internet. Now, unlike any time before, massive amounts of information are available to anyone with even the simplest internet-enabled devices. In this sense, the internet has empowered the consumer. People are no longer at the mercy of corporations, governments or any other organization to provide information to them. Now everyone can share information with one another, including pictures, videos, and reviews. Today, many of the wonderful places that were once hidden are now recognized and able to be explored and appreciated. The pictures and videos encourage others to get out and see what they are missing, while also turning others to places where they would rather spend their time. We can be grateful to live in such a time where such a great tool is available to us. Use it to find somewhere new to explore!

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