This guy has traveled more on foot than some people do in their entire lives. He has hiked thousands and thousands of miles all throughout the United States. He has been recognized by several magazines including Outsider, Backpacker, and National Geographic, who called him “Person of the Year”, “a superman among trekkers”, and “one of the best traveled and fastest hikers on the planet.” He has mentioned in several interviews and on his blog that he loves to hike both for the relief and for the thrill. Below are his top three biggest completed hikes:


Highlighted in blue over Alaska is the path Andrew took on his 176-day 4,700-mile Alaskan expedition.


Above in red is what is known as the Great Western Loop. It is about 6,875 miles long and it took Andrew seven months to complete.


Last but not least is Andrew’s Sea-to-Sea route, which was a combination of five major trails that span the North American Continent. This coast-to-coast journey from Quebec, Canada to Washington State took eleven months and rounded up a total of 7,775 miles, 1,400 of which were done in snowshoes. Sound like your cup of tea?

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