As amazing as many of the feats of man kind are, natures wonders still have us beat. The beauty of the natural world exists globe wide and if we are not careful, we’ll miss it. One of the greatest wonders that are found around the world tower above us in splendor, Mountains. Have you ever been to a mountain top? Have you felt the crisp mountain air fill your lungs? Have you watched the sun rise and set on these great mounds of earth? There is nothing like it.

I’ve always admired the beauty brought about by man kind, they are, in their own right, beautiful. But even the immaculate work that a mans hand can bring pales in comparison to the beauty found only in mountains. The sounds of raw nature fill the air, a babbling stream, chirping birds, the tussle of leaves as animals pass-by, it’s all so different from the big cities we live in now. If you’ve ever been into the think of a great mountain forest you know exactly what I mean, experiences like the one I’ve described are not easily written out of your mind. For those of you who are strangers to this experience, maybe it’s time you give it a try.

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