padre canyonpadre canyon

The Padre Canyon Trail is a hiking trail in Snow Canyon State Park, Utah. It weaves through the western border of the park, around Tuachan, through part of the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, and over The Saddle before joining the Three Ponds Trail. The Padre Canyon Trail is also known as the Snow Canyon Loop because it is possible to use other trails to circle back to the Padre Canyon trailhead.

snow canyon archsnow canyon arch

The trail features many sandstone rock features and beautiful cliffs. At the top of the saddle is a great view of the west side of the park, including the famous mixture of white and red sandstone.

This trail could be difficult for some because the trail is partly rocky with an incline and on the Snow Canyon side there is some wavy sandstone surfaces that can be slippery. Part of the trail passes through Tuachan and is private property. Hikers are allowed but are asked to stay on the trail and especially away from their back-stage facilities that are near the trail.

padre canyon1.JPGpadre canyon1.JPG

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