Many times we may look at extreme sports and wonder “Those people are crazy!” But really, in a way, those people are not too different from an average hiker. They both have something in common, and that is thrill seeking.


A couch potato can look at some average hikers and wonder the same thing: “Those people are crazy!” The catch is that those hikers could have been couch potato themselves at one time. But what made them get off the couch? They tried something new. One day, either through invitation or boredom, they got up and went hiking. While they were hiking, something unexpected happened to them: they had fun! So what did they do? They decided to do it again! And thus they became average hikers.


Extreme sportists are people who tried something new, liked it, and kept trying new things. They grew to live for the thrill and the rush of adrenaline. Did they expect to like it at first? Maybe not. But having the courage to go and try it made all the difference. No one needs to jump out of an airplane or climb Mount Everest to have fun experiencing something new, but having the courage to try will open doors to new and exciting adventures. Who knows, it may become your new favorite thing!

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