The Snow Canyon Petroglyphs Trail is located on the East side of the park near Highway 18 and Winchester Hills/ The Ledges area. It is part of the Gila Trail. Although the petroglyphs and the trail belong to Snow Canyon State Park, they are not easily accessible from the park entrance. There is a shortcut trailhead just off of Highway 18 that makes the hike shorter without missing any petroglyphs.

Trailhead: Trailhead petroglyphs, 1377 4200 N, St. George, UT

The hike itself features 3 petroglyph sites. One is located in a small slot canyon, another is inside a wash, and the last petroglyphs are found on a sandstone rock sitting at the highest point of the trail.

snow canyon petroglyphs1snow canyon petroglyphs1

snow canyon petroglyphs 2snow canyon petroglyphs 2

If hiked after it has rained it is possible to find running water. Other wise the trail is dry with little shade besides the small slot canyon. A great hike with lots of signature sandstone formations. Keep your eyes open for the petroglyphs!

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