Meet Rosie Swale Pope. She has accomplished a number of things in her life. But when she lost her husband in 2003 to cancer, she decided to raise cancer awareness by walking. She herself admits that it is a bit odd and refers to herself as a crazy lady, but the money and publicity she has raised to throw at cancer is no lie. In a 20,000 mile trek, she was able to travel across the world. About halfway through her journey she reached her 60th birthday. She pulled a small carriage behind her to carry her supplies and double as a place to sleep. She completed the journey by herself, meaning she didn’t plan on any external help. And although she did walk and camp by herself for most of her journey, she tells of the many wonderful people who reached out to assist her in any way they could. When it was money, she would give it back and tell them to go donate it. She is a true inspiration.

Watch a short video about her below:

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