Where is it?

This hike is located near Lower Sandcove, which is between Gunlock and Dammeron Valley. The trailhead is known on Google Maps as: The Bowl Trailhead.

in the vortexin the vortex

Geographically, The Vortex is on the North side of the plateau that forms Snow Canyon and The Red Mountain in Ivins, Utah. It is a naturally formed bowl that seasonally may even have water inside it. The trail leads to an area filled with cairns (stacks of rocks made by people) which may be slightly disorienting. Just know that the Vortex is up on the sandstone mounts that are Southwest of the cairns. The Vortex formed near the top of those sandstone mounts, so if you are looking around on the bottom you wont find it. Here is a link to its exact location: The Vortex

The Bowl Itself

The Vortex itself is large and has semi-steep walls that are steeper than pictures do justice, so do not enter it unless you are confident you can get out.

Near the Vortex, along the ridges of the sandstone mounts, is a great view of Lower Sandcove and the Gunlock valley:

overlook from the vortexoverlook from the vortex

Here is an older video of us hiking the trail. After we unlocked the car, that is. Around the 4:30 mark in the video is where we found it.

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