viewing a waterfallviewing a waterfall

Experiencing things for the first time can be exciting. Visiting a new city, eating new foods, hiking a mountain, or traveling to a different country are all things that offer something new. Seeing things from a fresh perspective changes our overall view of that thing, like thinking a food is gross until you try it and realize it is actually pretty good. Fresh perspectives cast new light and allow something to be viewed from a new angle. This new view can be quite spectacular and motivating. Many adventurers enjoy the feeling of trying new things. It can help them learn more about themselves in a number of ways.

looking through a spyglasslooking through a spyglass

Visiting a different country, for example, can change the way you view your own culture and traditions at home. It gives you more context, and you can begin to understand why your culture is the way it is. It is as if you are taking a look through a different window, and finally noticing a bird’s nest that was in a tree or a flower that has been growing behind a bush. Things that once blocked your field of view can now be understood and appreciated, and the treasures hidden behind them are brought into view. Ultimately, a search for fresh perspectives changes a person for the better. It educates, enlightens, and alleviates.

A person learns more about themselves through a process of trial and error. They learn what they like and what they do not. With this information they can positively change their actions, habits, and eventually their character. However, this doesn’t happen unless the person is willing to try new things. They can find what makes them happy, instead of staying stuck in an endless loop of ignorance. That is why adventurers are motivated to find fresh perspectives.

So try something new. If you don’t like it, try something else. You will discover more about yourself than you knew before!

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