Many people have heard of Zion National park, but did you know there are little gems found all around the same area? One of the ones I’ve enjoyed several times in my life is a place called Kolob. From the beautiful Kolob Canyon to the serene Kolob reservoir, Kolob boast both beauty and a good time. A favorite camping and outdoor activity site of mine, Kolob provides that fresh mountain air and out of city experience we adventurers love so much.

There are a couple of different ways to experience Kolob, but my favorite way is to go to the lake. (It’s free) While you can see some exquisite sites driving up the red road of Kolob canyon, it is considered part of the national park and therefore a pass is needed for entry. The lake however, has a road that goes along several amazing sites of the natural red rock. While at the lake, you can enjoy a good rest from your worries, go fishing, and just sit by a fire.

If you’ve never been to Kolob, it’s definitely worth the drive over. Here is a video from a time our crew spent an evening up there! Don’t forget to click the button below to subscribe to our e-mail if you have not already!

Click here to see where Kolob is located

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