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Arches National Park is known throughout the world for its many impressive sandstone arches. People from around the globe travel here to see them. One arch, above all, has become a symbol of Utah, of Arches National Park, and is recognized internationally as a geological wonder. This is, of course, The Delicate Arch.

delicate arch3delicate arch3

The Delicate arch is situated atop a sandstone hill and sits against the edge of a cliff. So, apart from being photogenic, the Delicate Arch is not nearly as accessible as some of the other large arches in the park. The only trail leading to it is about 3 miles long round-trip. The trail ascends the rocky hill with a fairly steady incline that totals around 500 feet from bottom to top. Three miles going up and down 500 feet may not seem like much to some. but combining it with a hot Utah sun and limited shade has made the hike a challenge for a considerable number of people. If you go, and we recommend you do, be sure to have some sunscreen and plenty of water!

delicate arch2delicate arch2

The trail is quite popular, so you may see a crowd. There are also 2 viewpoints apart from the trail that are further down the road. Anyone unable or unwilling to hike to the arch can at least see it from a distance without straying too far from their car.

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