Unlike other forms of escapism, spending time outdoors puts you in the real world instead of taking you out.

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For some, taking time to leave the daily grind and get out into the undisturbed solitude of the wild outdoors can be greatly relaxing. The sounds of wind blowing through trees, water coursing, or birds chirping are all calming and inviting. Sometimes, it’s the lack of noise, especially noises we hear all the time at home or at work, that is the most refreshing. This is a form of escapism.

Escapism is most common in entertainment mediums. It is a way to escape or distract from daily routines, particularly boring ones, in an effort to break their monotony. Watching movies, reading books, playing video games, or even scrolling through social media are all mediums of escapism. This isn’t to say that it is the only way they are used, but it is the case more often than not. All of the examples mentioned above are common ones. They are all considered unhealthy in large quantities, not just medically unhealthy, but philosophically as well.

outdoors with friendsoutdoors with friends

Spending time outdoors is a healthier form of escapism. Rather than taking you out of the real world, it gets you the closest you can be to it. Many adventurers find it relaxing to spend an hour or two of their spare time outside, instead of sitting in front of a screen. It gives them the same pleasure and relief from the daily grind, while allowing them to experience the real world and the real people around them.

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