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Mesa Verde is a National Park and designated world heritage site. It is a located in Colorado near the Four-Corners area. It is the largest archaeological preserve in the United States. It protects thousands of archaeological sites, about 600 of which are cliff dwellings. Not much is known about the dwellings at Mesa Verde. It is unclear why so many people came to live in such a harsh environment, and why it was later abandoned. Beyond that, atop one of the mesas, lies a ceremonial site called Sun temple. So little is known about it and its functions that the name “Sun Temple” came from an archaeologist who found a drawing depicting the sun on a nearby rock. The temple is decently sized compared to the surrounding structures. Many theories have emerged in an attempt to explain the temple, but none have been conclusive. If you enjoy ancient remnants shrouded in mystery, this is the place for you.

cliff dwellingscliff dwellings

Many of the larger sites in Mesa Verde are accessible by the public under the supervision of a park ranger, including the Sun Temple. Another great spot is known as the Sun Point View, where many cliff dwellings may be viewed in the canyon underneath the Sun Temple above. Both these places are open and accessible by car. A short walk from parking will allow anyone to fully appreciate them. Don’t miss them when visiting Mesa Verde!

Sun Point View:

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