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We’ve all felt bored before. In fact, boredom may be the reason some of you find yourselves reading this right now. People combat boredom in various ways. Some will watch TV or browse Facebook, while others will kill time with a game or go bother someone. Boredom is often the emotion felt when there is a lack of productivity. It feels uncomfortable, and doing any of the mind-numbing things listed above usually just distracts from this discomfort. Avoiding a to-do list will not help being bored. It is best to finish said list so you can instead relax. But if the boredom comes from a lack of things to do, consider going outdoors.


Getting outside and doing something you enjoy can greatly relief a sense of boredom, especially over binging Netflix for a few hours. Walking in a park, going swimming, hiking, or star-gazing are all things that don’t take a a lot of time to put together, and you can be there as long as you like. So next time you’re bored with nothing to do, remember that the outdoors is only a door away.


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