Laird Hamilton is a professional surfer and model. He has also been featured in a handful of surfing movies. He grew up on Hawaii and loved surfing from a young age. He spent time around surfers and surfing competitions, but avoided participating in them. He aspired to do something more with his love of surfing.

tow-in surfingtow-in surfing

Laird Hamilton had a dream of riding the biggest wave possible. At the time, big waves were too large for even the best surfers to catch, because they couldn’t paddle themselves fast enough. So, Hamilton and some friends invented the “Tow-in“ method of surfing. With a powered watercraft, one person would tow the other into a wave, which gave them the speed they needed to ride it. This method redefined the limits of Big-Wave surfing.

On August 17, 2000, off the coast of Tahiti, Hamilton lived his dream. Putting his “Tow-in“ method to the real test, he was towed into the most massive wave ever ridden. As incredibly dangerous as it was, he successfully rode it in full view of cameras for the world to see. He pushed the limits of surfing to the extreme and solidified his spot as a legendary surfer.

In this video below he describes the experience in his own words:

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