Don’t risk wasting your time! It’s time to train your mind – learn to stay focused today, in order to start being better now. (Inspired by Tony Robbins)

Today’s blog is inspired by Tony Robbins “The Power of Focus” If you are interested in learning about it, a link can be found at the bottom of this page.


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Our minds are amazing, they constantly take in new information and create meaning from all the data that they receive. While much of this takes place in the subconscious there is also a large amount that happens consciously. That’s the part we control, or in other words, it is our focus. We get to choose the things we think about and dwell upon and, as you’ll see in the coming paragraphs, those things we choose really matter.

What is Focus?

Simply put, focus is the center of what we think about. Right now, for instance, what is your focus? If you’ve made it this far, it is likely that you’ve made your focus this blog article. But stop for a second and realize all that is around you, there is so much happening around you. Small noises, other people, lights, colors, the temperature of the air. All of these are things that, for one reason or another, you have pushed aside as you’ve focused in on this blog. This is focus.

A few Issues with focus:

With so much around us that can stimulate us, it can be hard to really focus in on one thing. While much of our surroundings don’t bother us too much, there are things that interfere with our focus. They reach out and try to steal our attention away. For good our for bad, these things usually do a pretty good job at distracting people. They could be things like your cellphone, a noisy roommate, or even just a nagging internal thought. Whatever it may be, these teleconferences pull us away from our original goals, even when that can be negative.

How/why to refocus

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There are many things that can be done to help refocus, but lets quickly talk about some of the reasons why that could be important.

Why Refocusing is good:

Refocusing can have many positive side effects. One of the biggest ones is talked about by Tony Robbins in the YouTube video posted down below. Tony’s approach to focus is to suggest that

  • “In life, we get whatever we focus on.” If you focus on improvement, we get improvement. If we focus on happiness, we get happiness, likewise for sadness or other more negative emotions we get what we focus on.

Another way refocusing can help is through the day to day goals we have. Learning to stay focused allows us to reach for our goals and improve. It can be a daunting task, but by only focusing on what matters, we will be able to do what maters.

How Can i practice refocusing?

There are several ways to help improve your focusing skills, but none of them will change you overnight. It is only by constant practice that your focus will begin to improve. Some ways you might consider learning to hone in and focus are:

  • Asking the right questions, change the daily questions in your mind to more positive ones. Refrain from asking questions like “why me?” or “why am I always so sad” and instead ask questions like “what is going well in my life right now?” or “why am I so lucky as to have these people in my life.

  • Practice by reading a book and taking mental note of when your mind starts to wander. Make a conscious effort to refocus.

  • Place yourself somewhere with minimal distractions. If I were to try and write this blog post at a big party, it would never get done, there is no way I could focus, but if I write it in a library, it’s going to get done a lot faster, and I’ll have a better product in the end.

Practice makes perfect

Learning the ability to not only focus, but also focus on the right things has the ability to truly change our lives for the better. We can become happier, smarter, better people through the simple act of choosing to focus. If you’d like to learn more from someone a lot more knowledgeable on this subject click HERE to listen to the amazing words of Tony Robbins. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share this article on social media to help us out!

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