Pyramid of The SunPyramid of The Sun

Where is it?

The remnants of Teotihuacan lie an hour North of Mexico City, Mexico. It is nestled between the modern cities of San Juan and San Martin.

What is the Avenue of the Dead?

The Avenue of the Dead is the name of the ancient road leading through what you might call downtown Teotihuacan. It is lined with famous pyramids, preserved murals, and both residential and commercial areas of the old city.

How Long is the Avenue of the Dead?

The Avenue is almost 3 miles long without considering all the areas to explore along the way. Time-wise one can expect to spend 5 hours there in order to see and appreciate everything there is to see and do. If you go bring water and hats or maybe an umbrella!

About Teotihuacan:

pyramid of the sunpyramid of the sun

Not much is actually known about the origins of Teotihuacan. Modern Scholars debate who built the city and why, along with what ultimately led to it being abandoned for a significant amount of time. The Aztecs were the last Meso-Americans to occupy the city. They regarded it as a holy place, believing that it was the birth place of the gods and of civilization. The name Teotihuacan is actually an Aztec word meaning: “The Place Where the Gods Were Created“.

The major pyramids of Teotihuacan are: The Pyramid of the Sun, The Pyramid of the Moon, and The Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl. The Pyramid of the Sun is the tallest and is climbable. Guests are allowed to walk its steps all the way to the top. The Pyramid of the Moon is partially climbable but gives a great view of the whole area. The Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl.

teotihuacan muralteotihuacan mural

Things You Can’t Miss If You Go:

  • Pyramid of the Sun

  • Pyramid of the Moon

  • Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl

  • Preserved Murals

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