jumping into waterjumping into water

“the ability to say I’ve done it. It’s pushing your body and mind to absolute limits. It is the competition of the highest grade. It’s about self-competition and how far you can stretch yourself. “

What Is Self-Competition?

Have you ever pushed yourself to your limits? Have you ever faced your fears or stretched yourself to the edge? I’m not talking about the number of Totino’s pizza rolls you can down in one go. Rather, I refer to challenges that require more mind-over-matter type feats. Self-Competition is the search for ones own limits. It is to push and see how much one can do. How far can I run? How far can I run if I train myself? These are self-competing questions a runner might ask themselves.

How Does Self-Competition Motivate?

standing on edgestanding on edge

The only person who can change you is you. One of the greater parts of motivation is knowing that you can accomplish the task in question with relative ease. Self-Competition teaches a person what they are capable of, allowing them to know what their limits are. That’s half the battle right there. It’s like a person who needs beef wellington but has never cooked anything more than a microwave dinner. They won’t be able to pull it off. Perhaps the person has great potential as a chef, but they wouldn’t know because they hadn’t ever searched for the limits of their cooking abilities.

So stretch yourself. Find your limits. What you can do may surprise you!

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