4 of the coolest websites for hungry adventurers

There is so much about the world that we have yet to experience, there are places that have yet to be explored, animals we have never encountered and experiences waiting to begin. With so much out there to see and do, how can anyone possibly go without diving into the great adventures that lie all around us. Here are some of my favorite websites that help me feel the adventurous spirit:


If your soul longs for a taste of the great outdoors, AllTrails.com is perfect for you. This website has a vast database full of information about hikes all around the world. I’ve even successfully used this in Thailand! The site is very easy to use and provides pictures, reviews, and info about hikes that are around you, the user, check it out here: CLICK HERE


If you like to learn new things, National Geographic is just the place for you. This website always has a fresh stream of new and interesting articles. Weather it’s about animals, or rocks, they’ve got it covered. Click HERE to see what I mean!

BBC Earth youTube Channel

If you love nature, you’ve likely seen the one of the famous BBC Earth documentaries. If you liked that, check out their YouTube channel. They provide tons of amazing videos found nowhere else in the world, careful though, it can be easy to spend hours on their channel. CLICK HERE to check it out for yourself!

The Adventurists

If you are hungry for adventure, but don’t know how to fulfill it, this is the site for you. These guys don’t just know what adventure is, they constantly redefine its meaning. Check out some of their awesome, epic adventures at their site found HERE

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