The Hidden Canyon of Zion National Park is located between The Great White Throne and Cable Mountain.


The canyon was discovered just over 90 years ago when a person who attempted to climb The Great White Throne was rescued there.

hidden canyon trail 1hidden canyon trail 1

The Trail itself

The trailhead is in the same place as the Weeping Rock trailhead, and the parking is the same as well. The trail follows a series of switchbacks before pointing south toward the canyon. Before the canyon can be reached there is a stretch of trail along a high sandstone cliff that is lined with chains to support oneself with. It isn’t a trail for those who are afraid of heights!

The trail is shaded throughout the morning and the Hidden Canyon itself is shady most of the day, but about midday the sun reaches everywhere. So mid-summer hiking can be hot, not unlike the rest of the park in the summer.

hidden canyon archhidden canyon arch

Inside the canyon is a natural arch. It is oriented parallel to the narrow canyon, so it is possible to miss if you aren’t looking. This trail is great for people with a little extra time in Zion. After seeing The Narrows, Angels Landing, and possibly some other popular trails, this trail is a good option for another thrilling and strenuous hike.

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