The Earth Is Beautiful

Beauty in nature comes in many forms. From towering cliffs to sandy shores, from lush forests to sparse desert flowers, all are unique in color, shape, and size; yet all are equally inviting and magnificent. One of the most exciting parts about being outdoors is seeing the raw, untouched landscape, the vegetation, and appreciating the natural beauty of the earth.


Beauty is genuine, and the world is full of many beautiful things. But one quality that is unique to the earth is that it is not man-made. This quality is, by definition, unattainable by humans. No amount of human manipulation, influence, or idea, can ever be more than artificial when it comes to natural beauty. This is part of what draws adventurers alike to find natural beauty in the first place. It isn’t to say that humans cannot create their own beautiful things, but rather emphasizes the solitary value of what nature has created on its own.


Nature Is Its Own Detox Program

For some, taking time to leave the daily grind and get out into the undisturbed solitude of the wild outdoors can be greatly relaxing. The sounds of wind blowing through trees, water coursing, or birds chirping are all calming and inviting. A lack of noise, especially noises we hear all the time at home or at work, is refreshing. This, combined with seeing the sights and breathing some fresh air make for an amazingly regenerative experience. Contrary to initial thought, physically exhausting yourself and getting dirty along the way are great ways to feel uplifted, relaxed, and liberated.

Put some shoes on. Grab a friend. Go for a walk. Go hiking, climbing, or camping. Experience nature in its purest form.

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