Most, if not all of us, have played the classic childhood game of Tag, but did you know there is actually a world tag championship? When I first heard of this, I thought it was a joke, but after watching videos of some of the matches, I quickly realized that this was no joke.

World Tag LogoWorld Tag Logo

How it’s Played:

Players are set into a small arena filled with a plethora of obstacles. The game is played team against team, though only 2 players take to the field at a time. Each of the two players is placed across from each other, one to tag, and the other to run. The goal of each round is simple, outrun the tagger for 20 seconds if you are the runner, or try to tag if you are the tagger. If the runner succeeds in evading the tagger, the respective team gets one point. If the runner fails, however, they remove themselves from the arena, the tagger becomes the runner and a new tagger comes from the opposing team.

Hopefully that cleared it up for you pretty well, if you are still having trouble trying to picture exactly how this plays out, check out the video below.

Watch Some Matches:

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