1. White Domes Loop Trail, Nevada


With a slot canyon like this, among other amazing rock features, it’s hard to believe that this trail is only just over a mile long.

2. Mineral Ridge Loop, Idaho

Mineral RidgeMineral Ridge

If you thought potatoes were easy and delicious, just wait for this hike. However, be aware that it does involve an incline.

3. Tunxis Trail, Connecticut

tunxis trailtunxis trail

The perfect hike for anyone looking for a calm hike through a forest. It has running creeks and even a cave if you hike far enough.

4. The Oberg Mountain Loop, Minnesota

Oberg Mountain LoopOberg Mountain Loop

A great view from above gives you a good look at Oberg Lake, Moose Mountain, and Lake Superior.

5. Lower Emerald Pools Trail, Utah

emerald poolsemerald pools

Check before going on this trail, because as of right now it is closed due to storm damage. Otherwise this is a popular trail so go early to avoid a crowd!

As cool as it is to hike up Mount Everest, or cross the Amazon rain forest, it’s not for everyone. For one reason or another, some people just enjoy a 1-2 hour trip that gets them or their family outside long enough to enjoy and see some cool things without taking all day. These 5 hikes are a few scattered around the United States that are short and easy for anyone to hike.

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