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Who was He?

Roald Amundsen was a Norwegian born in 1872 to a family of sailors. He became the first to accomplish many arctic expeditions in the North and the South including being the first person to reach the South Pole. He learned many arctic survival techniques from natives in Northern Canada that helped him survive several expeditions into the harsh cold of the polar regions. Sadly, he disappeared after leaving on an arctic rescue mission to save an Italian blimp and was never seen again.

The First Person through the Northern Strait

Amundsen and his crew became the first people to successfully sail through the Northern Strait, which is the stretch of sea that lies in Northern Canada between Greenland and Alaska. 50 years earlier, a group now known as Franklin’s Lost Expedition attempted to cross the strait. Unfortunately, as the name implies, they were unsuccessful and never heard from again. When Roald Amundsen went, he met native Inuit peoples who taught him their methods of surviving in the extreme cold. This carried Amundsen and his crew through the Northern Strait and, in later years, to the North and South Poles.

south polesouth pole

The Poles

Amundsen reached the South Pole in 1911 with only minor setbacks. His expertise in arctic survival carried him and his crew down to be the first people to ever reach the South Pole. In 1926, he accomplished reaching the North Pole by airship, which was something that had never been done before. A few years later, Roald Amundsen would disappear forever while searching for that same airship crew that had crossed the North Pole with him.

Roald Amundsen was an incredible man. The station currently located on the South Pole is rightfully named after him. He will always be remembered as the great arctic explorer he was.

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