You may have heard about it before, but what do you really know about the Australian state of Tasmania? Located about 150 miles south of mainland Australia lies one of the most interesting islands on our planet. Thousands of years ago, Tasmania used to be a peninsula connected to Australia, however, rising sea levels separated the land mass causing it to become isolated. Much like any island, the fact that Tasmania has been disconnected has led to the evolution of plants and animals that can only be found on the island itself. Here are just a few of them:

5 – the giant Platypus


Arguably one of the strangest creatures found on the planet is the platypus, but in Tasmania, they get just a little more wild. Because of the lack of large predators on the island, platypuses are able to walk freely on land from river to river, a sight you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Not cool enough for you? The platypuses in Tasmania are around 3 times larger than their mainland relatives. This is due to the harsh winters that take place in Tasmania, meaning that the platypus needs more fat and fur to survive.

4 – Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil.jpgTasmanian Devil.jpg

When early European settlers first started exploring the Tasmanian island, they would hear screams that sounded like a demon in the night. Upon finding the source of the noise and noting its sharp teeth and red ears, they began calling it a devil, and rightly so. The Tasmanian Devil has one of the nastiest tempers in the animal kingdom, and lets not even mention its ability to bite through solid bone!

3 – Centurion Tree

centurion tree.jpgcenturion tree.jpg

Yet another one of the many amazing spectacles of Tasmania is the Centurion tree. Many people have heard of the Giant Redwood trees on the west coast of America, but did you know that the Centurion is only around 30 feet shorter? Coming in at about 330 feet tall, the Centurion tree is the second tallest tree in the world!

2 – Giant river lobster


This master of life has been around since the dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Much like the platypus, the lobster is able to grow to its large size due to the lack of larger predators on the island.

1 – tasmanian tiger

Tasmanian Tiger.jpgTasmanian Tiger.jpg

Though this creature is now extinct, that doesn’t make it unworthy of our list. The Tasmanian Tiger is not a tiger, nor is it even related to dogs. In fact, it is a marsupial, the largest carnivorous one to be exact. It’s tiger like stripes on its hind end give this amazing creature its name.

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