Have you ever been shown a picture of a beautiful place and felt the need to go see it for yourself, but closely after seeing the picture it fades from your mind? Contrasting this, some of our greatest memories can be disastrous trips with no beautiful view at the end, but we find they are our most cherished memories. I believe that this is because the most beautiful part of an Adventure is the journey, not the destination. I have found that one can go to the same place over and over again and will find very little changed in the destination, yet each time it seems that the journey itself is a completely new adventure. You find yourself with new friends, bruises, cuts, experiences, and even a new perspective of the path. The world is a beautiful place but it is made so because we get to go and experience its beauty for ourselves.

            Therefore, let us not compare our adventures with others simply for how great the end destination was, for if the only memorable part was the end, was it truly an adventure? A story is a story not just because of the end; a story is great because of all that happens to get to the end. So next time you see a beautiful picture think of the adventure that could be before it; the adventure of planning to get there, organizing with friends to get a group, the travel, and finally that last stretch where you and your friends put into action what you have planned and watch your dream turn into an adventure. For beautiful dreams are the beginning of beautiful adventures. There are many beautiful places in this world I have not seen, but I would not trade all the beautiful adventures I have had to see them. I guess in the end it’s not about how many places I can get to, but rather the adventure that awaits within the journeys I create. So let us go and find true beauty as we don’t just focus on the destination but also in the journey. And if you truly feel the need to find more, why not join the Adventure Core?

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