A great adventure began in my life 6 months ago. I was home for Christmas Break after finishing up another college semester. Life was going well, yet I knew that there were changes that I needed to make to achieve goals that I had set. As I evaluated my life, I realized that my dreams had fallen to the wayside as I had let the expectations of others skew how I viewed my own life. When I first created my social media accounts as a 12-year-old, it was to inspire others to do and become more! I would post inspirational quotes or words of advice in hopes to bring a smile into the life of someone else. As time went on, I found that it then changed to comparing myself to others, and finally my current predicament, using it to pass the time when I didn’t have other plans. After realizing that my use of social media had changed from my original perspective, I decided to deactivate all of my accounts and see how my life would change throughout the upcoming year. Wow was I in for an incredible adventure.

Here are 7 lessons that I’ve learned throughout the past 6 months:

1.       Life is all about gratitude.

2.       Adventure is unique to the individual. It has no bounds. It could be traveling to a foreign place, entering a new stage of life, changing habits to become better, or even trying a new ice cream flavor.

3.       Accomplishing your dreams happens when you are willing to move forward in the direction that sets you on that course.

4.       You are more connected with those you love when you make a genuine effort to be in their lives rather than spending time “liking” their life.

5.       Social media isn’t the issue, it’s when people use it to create the life they wished they lived rather than having the courage to make such wishes a reality.

6.       Going outside of your comfort zone is truly where success is found.

7.       Playing a role in helping others feel happiness brings a happiness that can’t’ be found elsewhere.

As I reflect, I’ve recognized that through this venture I have rejuvenated my ability to dream again. I stopped comparing my dreams to others’ and began living the life I envisioned for myself. I rediscovered what brings me true happiness and uncovered talents and opportunities that would have lay dormant. Ultimately, I found that I wasn’t merely living in the motions, but rather seeking to create motion or change in my life. So, the question I must leave you with is, What are you going to change today in your life to set you on a path of adventure?


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