Life truly is what we make of it. Often I have found myself starring into the future, feeling the need to know every twist and turn, being so cautious that each step became rigid and slow. Yet, there are others who throw themselves at the future and then watch as they get thrown from one place to another. So what is life really about? Being cautious or reckless? Well, what if it was actually learning how to master both?

I have worked on a golf course for a few years now, and I will not lie, it truly has treated me well. I get to see the sunrise, I am able to work outside, and honestly it is low stress. Yet I found that I came to a point about a year ago when it just no longer allowed me to grow. We all reach moments in our lives like this; we build a habit or system that suits us. As life goes on, we have a desire to learn and grow, but then we find it contradicts our system or habit. At this point I have found that this system or habit has placed a box around our life, known as the comfort zone. Though it feels safe, we find a point where as we expand it does not expand with us. Therefore we have an option, to let it crush and suppress our hope and dreams, or break free from it and move forward. Well I found that I was not one to break free, but more side step it. I would just hope for change and grasp at the most fleeting of opportunities, and after each attempt I felt more crushed and trapped.

Life is not meant to be side stepped! We are the writers of our lives and can choose to be stuck, or to be free. Finally I have learned that Yes being cautious is important but not to the point of crushing dreams, and Yes we can take chances and dream of incredible things and go after them. Because the true award of adventure is the calm moments, when you get to look back on your life and see where you have been, where you are, and the possibilities of where you can go.

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